Zero Balance Accounts

A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is a checking account which maintains a zero balance and is funded by a master account. At the end of the business day, a debit is made to the master account for the total dollars of checks clearing the ZBA, and the ZBA is credited to return the account balance to zero.

Zero Balance Accounts can also be used for depository purposes. For example, a company with several divisions may make deposits into its ZBA. At the close of business, a debit is made to the ZBA and funds are credited to the master account.


  • Disbursements are monitored with ease.

  • Consolidate cash to optimize investments and simplify accounting procedures.

  • Separate accounts for expenditures (i.e., payroll, payables, etc.).

  • Idle cash balances are eliminated.


  • Consolidate depository accounts.

  • View reports daily to track account activity.

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