Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in Woodforest Debit Card Fraud Text Alerts?
Can I enroll more than one debit card in Fraud Text Alerts?
  • Yes. You must go through the enrollment process for each card you enroll.
What happens if I do not enter the one-time verification code sent by text message during the enrollment process?
  • Your mobile device remains in an "unverified" status until you enter and send the one-time verification code. You must enter the one-time verification code within 30 minutes after it has been sent to your mobile device. The one-time verification code expires after 30 minutes.
What happens if I do not receive the one-time verification code?
  • Re-enroll in Fraud Text Alerts after 30 minutes has transpired. If you still do not receive the one-time verification code, please text HELP to 69962 or MYWNB. If you do not receive a reply text, contact Customer Care at 1-877-968-7962.
Why do I have to verify my phone during the enrollment process?
  • Entering the one-time verification code during enrollment is a safety feature to ensure you are in possession of the mobile device being enrolled.
Will I receive a call from the Fraud Department and a Fraud Text Alert when fraudulent activity has been detected on my debit card?
  • A Fraud Specialist will first attempt to contact you by phone. If contact by phone is unsuccessful, a Fraud Text Alert is sent to your enrolled mobile device.
When I receive a Fraud Text Alert, what number is displayed on my mobile device?
  • The number displayed is 69962 or MYWNB.
How do I unsubscribe from, or opt-out of, Fraud Text Alerts after I have enrolled?
  • Send STOP to MYWNB from your enrolled mobile device. You will receive an unsubscribed confirmation text message.
How many Fraud Text Alerts will I receive?
  • You will receive no more than two (2) Fraud Text Alerts per day.
What does the text message state?
  • A sample Fraud Text Alert follows:

    Woodforest Banking Fraud Alerts: Fraud Protection Alert on Woodforest National Bank Debit Card ending in 12345. Call 1-866-962-3728.
What actions do I take when I receive a Fraud Text Alert?
  • Call the phone number as instructed. A Fraud Specialist will assist you to determine the validity of the transaction(s) and take appropriate action if fraud is suspected.
Is there a charge to use Fraud Text Alerts?
  • Woodforest does not charge customers for Fraud Text Alerts services. However, mobile service provider message and data rates may apply. Please contact your service provider for rates.
What is SMS?
  • SMS, or Short Message Service, is a text messaging service for mobile phones or SMS-enabled devices. SMS allows the exchange of short text messages between mobile phone devices or systems designed to communicate with mobile phone devices (such as Fraud Text Alerts).
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