The CD-ROM Service combines online information retrieval and image technology to provide an efficient way to research paid checks, past deposits and previous bank statements. Your staff will save time by having paid check items and deposits readily available at their fingertips to help facilitate in research and dispute resolution. Images of the front and back of checks and deposit tickets are stored on a CD-ROM, and items are easily accessed using multiple search criteria. Zoom in and out and rotate images for greater visibility. Images can be printed, copied and pasted in a document or emailed directly from the CD-ROM.

CD-ROMs should be an important part of your disaster recovery plan, as this information can be stored offsite in a secure location and accessible when needed. Information from multiple accounts can be stored on a single CD-ROM to facilitate data retrieval.


  • Improve response times to customer and vendor inquiries with fast access to check information

  • Reduce time spent on research by utilizing one or more search criteria including dollar amount, serial/check number, account number, and/or date

  • Improve quality of response by using Zoom and/or Copy and Paste functions

  • Eliminate the cost associated with physical check storage by freeing up space and/or reducing storage costs

  • Enhance disaster recovery planning, as CDs can be stored at a secure offsite location

  • Assist with fraud prevention, as CDs can be more easily secured than paper statements

How It Works

You will receive CD-ROM viewing software and installation instructions prior to receiving your first CD. Bank statements, deposit slips and paid checks are imaged, scanned and written onto a CD which is then mailed to you monthly via USPS Ground Service. Information is available using your PC, the software provided and the CD-ROM.

Businesses utilizing our CD-ROM Service must maintain a Business Checking account on Account Analysis. The monthly maintenance fee will be charged through Account Analysis.

Please contact Cash Management Sales at (832) 375-2606 to learn more about Woodforest National Bank’s CD-ROM Service.

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