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WEBnet (Woodforest Executive Banking Network) provides one-stop access to a suite of Woodforest National Bank's Cash Management Services. With a single login and ID, authorized Users can perform varying tasks customized and controlled by your company's Administrator. WEBnet's integrated system with 24 hour access will help streamline your daily functions by providing you Balance Reporting tools with export capabilities, electronic applications to initiate and disburse payments, Fraud Prevention services to help deter unauthorized check activity and a Stop Payment system allowing you to initiate stop payments online.

Our WEBnet services with multilayered security and encryption will enable you to manage your daily cash flow and provide you the level of confidence to manage your accounts online. Businesses utilizing these online services should see a savings in both time and money.

WEBnet ACH Origination enables you to maintain control over your available funds by initiating consumer and commercial payments in an electronic format which alleviates the float associated with paper check processing.

  • Originate payments for Direct Deposit of payroll and expense reimbursements.
  • Pay local, state and federal tax payments.
  • Initiate corporate and vendor payments.
  • Collect dues, fees, and insurance premiums from consumers with their written consent.
  • Concentrate funds from multiple banks into your Woodforest central accounts.
  • Expedite returns to provide a faster and more accurate re-presentment.

*ACH origination services are subject to credit approval.

WEBnet Balance Reporting can simplify your daily operations by providing you quick and easy access to information reporting enabling you to set your cash position in just seconds and help make strategic decisions throughout the day.

  • Access current day information reported throughout the day including ACH, Wires and lockbox deposits.
  • Provide previous day summary and detailed information which will help with forecasting decisions as reports will show fluctuations in your company's balance history.
  • View, print or export data in a variety of formats including CSV and BAI2 which will enable you to automate the posting process.
  • Perform searches and inquiries on a single check or date range streamlining research capabilities.

WEBnet Book Transfer service allows our business customers to initiate real time transfers between existing Woodforest accounts.

  • Create real time transfers between related Woodforest accounts

WEBnet Positive Pay fraud prevention service helps protect business customers from unauthorized check activity posting to their account. A submission of issued check information is sent to us by you and housed within our bank database. As checks are presented for payment, Woodforest will match these items against the check data you submitted. If the information matches, the checks are then processed. However, if there is a discrepancy, we will provide you an imaged copy of the check exception for a pay or return decision.

With check fraud at billion dollar levels each year in the U.S., Woodforest National Bank considers the Positive Pay service to provide a reasonable, necessary and ordinary standard of care that all Business customers should utilize to help prevent against check fraud.

  • Protect against check fraud by submitting issued check information for match review to ensure only authorized items are paid
  • Minimize time spent by reviewing images of exception items online for quick pay or return decisions
  • Utilize Account Reconciliation reports available with the submissions of your Positive Pay file

WEBnet Stop Payment service enables you to place stop payments online at your convenience.

  • Initiate stop payments online with six (6) month and one (1) year options
  • Obtain an online e-mail notification that a stop payment has been processed

WEBnet Wire Transfer enables you to electronically send collected funds to designated beneficiary for same day settlement. Collected funds are immediately deposited and readily available within your beneficiaries account typically the same day. Cost savings can be realized by initiating a wire transfer electronically through WEBnet.

  • Access and initiate U.S. dollar wire transfers from any PC with a browser and internet connection.
  • Establish repetitive and semi-repetitive templates for immediate use.
  • Company administrator can initiate specific users, and set wire limits and security levels by user.
  • Obtain up-to-date e-mail notification of incoming wires.
  • Receive up-to-date e-mail confirmation of outgoing wires.

Woodforest can help you optimize your assets, productivity and results with a customized cash management program. Call your Relationship Officer or e-mail TreasuryMgmt@Woodforest.com.

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