Federal TaxPayments

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a free service that allows individuals, small business owners and tax preparers to pay all federal taxes electronically, including income, employment, excise and 1040 quarterly estimated tax payments. EFTPS offers a variety of payment methods, including Internet online payments and a telephone voice response system.


  • Enjoy greater convenience - EFTPS sends an instant, printable confirmation number after every payment instruction. In addition, EFTPS provides taxpayers immediate access to their payment history for the previous 16 months.
  • Increase efficiency - With access year-round, taxpayers can make payments at their convenience. If they wish to plan ahead, payments can be scheduled for the exact date they wish to make a payment.
  • Experience greater security - Using the most advanced security measures available to protect information, EFTPS is a secure way to pay federal taxes.

To enroll in EFTPS or make a payment please visit the EFTPS website.

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