Managing Your Account

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Set Up Low Balance Alerts Today!

Access through Online Banking1 or Mobile Banking2 to start receiving low balance alerts for your account via email and push notifications!

Account Management Tips

Check Your Account Balance Regularly

Monitor your balance with Online Banking1, Mobile Banking2, Statements or eStatements, Daily Email Notifications3, visiting an ATM, and Telephone Banking.

Take Advantage of Alerts and Debit Card Management

Set up alerts in Online Banking1 or Mobile Banking2 to notify you when your balance drops below an amount you set. Debit Card Management in Mobile Banking2 allows you to set per transaction limits4 or allow or block certain transaction types5 for your Debit Card.

Set Up Direct Deposits

Have regular sources of funds, such as a paycheck, directly deposited into your account by setting up direct deposits.

Know Your Expenses

Be mindful of upcoming purchases and how they may affect your balance. Try using Online Banking1 and Mobile Banking2 to transfer funds or deposit checks into your account beforehand if needed.


Pro Tip

Overdrafts happen. These products can help protect you from some additional fees when they do:


Optional Overdraft Protection Plans

Link your primary account to a secondary checking or savings account, or an Unsecured or Secured Revolving Line of Credit (ReLi®)6 as a backup. Available funds from the backup source would automatically transfer7 into your primary account when items are presented that would cause an overdraft to occur.

Standard Overdraft Practices

We may cover an eligible transaction, at our sole discretion, when you do not have enough available funds to cover it.8 9

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Digital Banking Services

Online Banking1 & Mobile Banking2 features built to help you manage your finances your way. Know where you stand and leverage ways to take next steps.

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Check Balances

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Western Union

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Mobile Deposit

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Set Up Alerts

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Bill Pay

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Debit Card Management

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Information accurate as of 10/17/2022.

1 If you are a new customer and opened your first new Woodforest account(s) today, you will have online access to your eligible account(s) by tomorrow. If you are an existing Woodforest customer new to online banking, you should see your eligible online account(s) immediately.

2 You may also access our mobile banking site at If you have any questions about our mobile banking website, iPhone®, or AndroidTM applications, please contact us at 1(877) 968-7962 or email us at Data rates may apply. Please see your carrier for details. Additional limitations, restrictions and fees may apply for these services. You may speak to one of our Retail Bankers for more details.

3 Daily Email Notifications are typically set up when accounts are opened. If you are not receiving Daily Email Notifications or wish to Opt-Out please visit a branch or call us at 1 (877) 968-7962.

4 Subject to transaction limits.

5 The app allows you to block certain types of transactions (i.e. ATM, In-Store, etc.). Dollar amount limits apply to all transactions types.

6 Line of credit available only to qualifying customers. All loan products are subject to credit approval. Applicants must maintain a checking account with Woodforest. May not be available for all deposit account products.

7 When automatic transfers occur from a checking or savings account (also known as a "sweep"), only one transfer fee will be assessed per day, regardless of the number of insufficient items. (See our Schedule of Fees). If there are not enough funds to sweep at the time an item is presented for payment, an overdraft item fee may be assessed. Certain accounts have limits to the number of debit transactions you can make within a statement period. Please refer to the Account Overview to determine whether transactional limits and fees apply.

8 If you do not want us to consider any type of transaction for payment with Standard Overdraft Practices, you may Opt-Out by speaking with a Retail Banker or calling us at 1 (877) 968-7962.

9 We pay overdrafts at our sole discretion, which means we do NOT GUARANTEE we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. We are under no obligation to pay items when an account has insufficient funds, regardless if previous transactions were paid. When using our discretion to pay an insufficient item, we consider whether your account is in good standing. We may determine that your account is not in good standing by evaluating all aspects of your account activity; such as, whether you are making regular deposits, you have too many overdrafts, or your account has been overdrawn for thirty-five (35) days or more. If your account is no longer in good standing, whenever possible, transactions will only be authorized and paid if you have available funds in your account at the time of the transaction. Your account may be evaluated at a later time to determine whether your account returns to a good standing. However, if you have incurred what we deem to be an excessive amount of overdraft related fees, then your account(s) will no longer be considered for our Standard Overdraft Practices. As such, whenever possible, transactions will only be authorized and paid if you have available funds in your account(s) at the time of the transaction.

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