Community Support

Woodforest enjoys teaming up with organizations like these to meet the needs of our communities:

  Woodforest Charitable Foundation

Logo for Association for Woodforest Charitable Foundation

In 2005, Woodforest National Bank created the Woodforest Charitable Foundation with an initial contribution of $1MM and the Bank continues to provide annual funding. The foundation provides capital to nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organizations located across Woodforest’s 17-state footprint in low-to-moderate income areas. For details visit or call (832) 375-CARE (2273).

  Association for Enterprise Opportunity

Logo for Association for Enterprise Opportunity

The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) is the leading voice of innovation in microfinance and microbusiness in the United States. Since 1991, AEO and its member and partner organizations have helped millions of entrepreneurs contribute to economic growth while supporting themselves, their families and their communities. AEO's more than 1,000 members and partners include a broad range of organizations that provide capital and services to assist underserved entrepreneurs in starting, stabilizing and expanding their businesses. Together we are working to change the way capital and services flow to underserved entrepreneurs and are honored to work with Woodforest Bank on initiatives designed to connect business owners with capital and other forms of trusted guidance so that they can create jobs and opportunities for all. Visit AEO’s website for more information.

  CDFI Fund

Logo for CDFI

The Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund), part of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, plays a unique and important role in generating economic growth in America. By fostering the creation and expanding the capacity of community-based financial institutions that specialize in providing affordable credit, capital, and financial services, the CDFI Fund builds businesses, creates jobs and revitalizes neighborhoods.

Since its inception in 1994, the CDFI Fund has built a nation-wide network of community development financial institutions (CDFIs) committed to ensuring that underserved communities have access to quality, affordable, and credible financial services.

Woodforest Bank has worked with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, a certified CDFI, to provide support for communities that lack access to capital through Project CUE. Woodforest was the first bank to validate this online system, which was started with seed money from the CDFI Fund.

CDFI Fund also offers programs that invest federal dollars alongside private sector capital to aid financial institutions that support economically disadvantaged communities. Learn more at

  Family Promise

Logo for Family Promise

Family Promise is the leading national nonprofit organization committed to helping families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve lasting independence. Recognizing that poverty and homelessness are complex problems that require a multifaceted response, Family Promise integrates educational outreach, innovative initiatives, effective policies, and the hands-on work of 180,000 volunteers nationwide. Their 200+ Affiliates provide comprehensive programming in prevention and stabilization, as well as emergency shelter for families. Read here for details about our community partnership with Family Promise.

  Opportunity Finance Network

Logo for Opportunity Finance Network

As the leading national network of CDFIs, Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) shapes policy, conducts research, and creates partnership and programs that helps its members deliver high impact in financially stressed communities. OFN’s CDFI Community Investment Fund, LLC provides cost effective, flexible, subordinate long-term loan capital for CDFIs. Woodforest teamed up with Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) to design, market, capitalize and manage the fund. This is part of Woodforest's Small Business Growth Initiative, a comprehensive and multifaceted approach aimed at building America's small businesses and their ecosystems. See Remarks from Cathy Nash, Woodforest’s President and CEO discussing the initiative at the 2016 OFN Conference.

Woodforest National Bank

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