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Managing your money can be challenging at times. Budgeting and money transfer apps may help make it easier.

You should research the available budgeting and money transfer apps on the market to see if one is right for you. Many of these apps are free, however some do charge a fee.

Budgeting Apps

Useful for monitoring your spending, saving, and investments in one place. Popular budgeting apps offer a variety of useful tools such as:

Create transaction categories
which are updated automatically, allowing you to see a picture of real time spending habits.
View a snapshot
to show how much money you have available for spending.
Save money automatically
by rounding up a transaction and sending the change to an investment portfolio.
See your account balances and pay bills
directly from the app.

In order to use most budgeting apps you'll need to connect your Woodforest bank account. See Ways to Connect below to learn more.

Money Transfer Apps

Money transfer apps are great for paying friends and family directly from your mobile device. Often these apps will use the recipient's email address or mobile phone number to make these transactions.

In order to use most money transfer apps you'll need to connect your Woodforest bank account or debit card. See Ways to Connect below to learn how.

Account and Routing Numbers

Account and Routing Numbers

Some applications may allow you to use your account or routing number to ensure funds are directed to the right place. Your account number is located on your checks and bank statements while your state's specific routing number can be found on your checks, deposit slips, or by going to Woodforest National Bank's Routing Numbers to find a list of all Woodforest's routing numbers accompanied by a diagram illustrating where your routing and account numbers can be found on your checks.

Online Banking Credentials - Using Limited Access Passwords

Online Banking Credentials - Using Limited Access Passwords

Limited Access Passwords are a secure way to control third-party application access to your online banking account. These unique passwords allow third party applications to have "view only" access to your account which enables them to obtain certain information such as your transaction history but restricts them from taking action on your behalf such as actually posting a transaction. Since Limited Access Passwords are separate from your main online banking credentials, changing your main password will not effect third party application access. Secure your account today by setting up a unique Limited Access Password for each third party application you use!

To create a Limited Access Password for each financial application you wish to tie to your Woodforest Online Banking account:

Limited Access Passwords instructions: step 1 - Log into Online BankingLimited Access Passwords instructions: step 2 - Security CenterLimited Access Passwords instructions: step 3 - Manage
Log into Online BankingSecurity CenterManage
Log into Woodforest Online Banking.Go to the Security Center.Select "Manage Limited Access Passwords".
Limited Access Passwords instructions: step 4 - Name PasswordLimited Access Passwords instructions: step 5 - GenerateLimited Access Passwords instructions: step 6 - Displays
Name PasswordGenerateDisplays
Enter a name for the new password being generated.Select "Generate Password".Your Limited Access Password will display.

After generating the Limited Access Password, please refer to the documentation or help source for each application on where to enter the password, as the process is different for each.

NOTE: To remove a Limited Access Password at any time go to the Security Center within Woodforest Online Banking and then Manage Limited Access Passwords. Select the associated delete button next to the instance you'd like to remove listed under the Active Limited Access Passwords section.

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