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Payment Solutions

Woodforest works with some of the top credit card processors in the country to offer your business services such as credit card and debit card processing, check services, and gift and loyalty cards.

Credit Card Transaction: As the usage of cash and checks is decreasing, the demand for the option to pay by credit card is increasing. Merchants that offer consumers the ability to pay with credit cards tend to have an advantage in expanding their customer base, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue!

PIN Debit Card Transactions: Requires the card, the card holder and the customer’s four digit PIN number to be entered at the time of purchase. PIN debit transactions are authorized through the ATM network and can provide a faster settlement of funds to the merchant with a lower risk of chargebacks, as compared to signature transactions.

Signature Debit Card Transactions: Works just like a credit card transaction and requires that the VISA, MASTERCARD or DISCOVER Network Logo is present. Allows the debit card to work in a present and non-present situation.


  • Allows your customers a variety of Payment options by accepting Visa/MasterCard®/Discover and American Express.
  • Enhance Revenue and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Provide a faster check out experience in the "face to face" world.

Woodforest offers a wide variety of products and services that help businesses accept more checks and increase cash flow while reducing risk.


  • Electronic Check Conversion
    Allows you the ability to accept a paper check and convert it into an electronic check. Combined with Check Guarantee, this service delivers a streamline check acceptance process that eliminates returned checks and returned check fees, while reducing paperwork and trips to the bank.
  • Check Guarantee
    Similar to Check Verification, but guarantees the face amount of the check if it is returned insufficient. Potentially increase your sales without increasing your risk.
  • Recurring Payment Processing
    Allows you to automatically bill a customer on a recurring basis and debit a checking account. Your customers will enjoy the ease and convenience of not having to mail payments, which could benefit your business through increased cash flow, improved productivity, and/or customer retention.
  • Check Verification and Collections
    Runs the customer’s ID against multiple databases to see if the customer has a negative check writing history. If the check is returned you may send for collections free of charge.
  • Stand Alone Terminals
    The most popular and secure way to process your transactions. Allows you to swipe, authorize and print transaction information at the point of sale. We offer a variety of terminals that should fit your specific needs. Already own a terminal? We can reprogram your existing unit at no cost. Please contact us to check compatibility.
  • Virtual Terminal
    Virtual terminals have become very popular in storefronts because it saves counter space and requires no phone line. You can swipe or key, authorize, and print your transaction at any computer with Internet access.
  • Mobile
    Is your business on the road? Your credit card processing can be too! Enhancements in technology have allowed mobile merchants, such as delivery services, trade show participants, taxis, plumbers, electricians, and other vendors to have the same opportunities as any retail business. Wireless solutions are available for you to swipe, authorize, and obtain a signature right on the spot using a cell phone, laptop, wireless terminal, or Wi-Fi terminal as your point of sale.
  • Internet
    Many consumers have found the ease and convenience of shopping online and making payments online. Woodforest Merchant Services and eProcessing Network have partnered together to offer you a wide range of products using a secured Internet payment gateway to process your credit card payments. Whether you’re a storefront, online retail store, or just looking for an easier way to collect payments, we have the solution for you.


Woodforest Merchant Services not only offers the best in merchant products, we also offer solutions with a competitive pricing advantage. We understand that every business is unique and special. We know what may work for a restaurant owner, may not work for an auto repair shop. Let us learn more about your business and we will recommend a comprehensive processing solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Call us today and speak with one of our specialists.

Switching Service

Becoming a customer with Woodforest Merchant Services is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Tell us about your business. Allow us to learn about your business and the solutions you currently have in place. Call or email today.
  2. Supply us with your last 3 months of merchant statements (if applicable). We will analyze your statements and present you with a comprehensive comparison and proposal.
  3. Complete the agreement. Simply complete the agreement, sign where designated and attach a voided check for underwriting purposes.

*New accounts are typically activated within 3 business days of receiving the signed application. All agreements are subject to approval.

Technical Support

Woodforest Merchant Services offers 24/7 technical support for your credit card processing by calling:

eProcessing Technical Support is available by calling:
800-971-0997 or 713-880-0327.

Q & A

What is a merchant account?

A Woodforest Merchant Account enables you to process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and electronic check transactions. How you process, i.e. stand alone terminal, internet or over the phone, it’s unique to your business.

Why do I have to fill out an application? Why do you have to check my credit?

Credit is reviewed to assist us in determining the risk associated with sponsoring your transactions into the card association networks. When you send us a transaction to process, we issue you credit typically within 2-3 business days and those funds are made available for you to use. The transaction is posted to your customer’s statement and they have the right to dispute any charges applied to their account. If they dispute it, a chargeback may be generated which would be debited against your business checking account. A credit check is required to ensure you have the funds to cover any potential chargeback.

After my application is submitted, how long before I can accept credit cards?

After the application has been submitted for underwriting, we will have a response within 24 hours (exceptions apply if additional information is needed). Once it’s approved, your account is active by midnight the day of the approval.

When will my equipment arrive?

Terminals purchased from Woodforest will be shipped no later than the 2nd business day after the account is approved. Delivery or pick up is optional.

Will the equipment be programmed and tested?

Yes, to ensure superior customer satisfaction, we test every terminal shipped.

What kind of credit cards can I accept?

Cards that can be accepted are: Visa, MasterCard®, Discover Network, American Express, and JCB. AMEX and JCB are subject to association approval.

What is a discount rate?

This is the fixed percentage amount that is deducted from the transaction amount. It's a fee associated with collecting, assessing, approving, processing and settling credit card transactions.

How does Woodforest determine my discount rate?

Woodforest Merchant Services will collect information unique to your business to determine the best pricing. We look at average ticket, sales volume, the way you process (i.e. face-to-face), Internet, phone, credit card types, chargeback procedures, and conduct a risk assessment.

What information is included on my statement from Woodforest Merchant Services?

Your statement will have a summary of card deposits (broken down by Visa/MasterCard®/Discover/American Express), summary of card fees, summary of monetary batches (settlement of transactions), and summary of deposits.

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